Megan Meyer

(b. 1998, Honolulu) designer, artist, and art historian living in New York, NY. 

Currently, accepting freelance writing, research, and design work.  

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Feather Mosaic

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This ever-updating project website follows the process of creating a 16th-century Aztec, post-colonial feather mosaic as authentically as possible featuring imagery consistent with that of early New Spain.

“Feather-paintings” were mosaics created from the iridescent feathers of indigenous birds. Aztec feather mosaic production was important to the indigenous peoples of Mexico and was practiced long before the arrival of Spanish missionaries to the region. With the forcible introduction of Catholicism to these areas, native artists were forced to depict Christian imagery.

Feathers are a unique material that challenge the notion of surface in artworks. The iridescent medium is activated through light, communicating ideas of spirituality within the Aztec and Christian context. Over centuries, this art form faded into relative obscurity.

This long-term research project will eventually culminate in a feather mosaic, along with supporting visual materials, and will hopefully bring awareness to a traditional art form that has been historically overlooked.
December. 2022